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The Commons is all about sharing - sharing things that we hold in common - whether values, property, or a truck.  This is our portal for sharing in our community; we want to make sharing work with you.  Take our Sharing Survey!

What we have to Share:
Space to Share - for Meetings, Parties, Potlucks, and Other Events.  Reserve Space at Fertile Ground or the EcoHouse.
Skills to Share - Gardening & Composting, Green Design and Remodeling
Resources to Share - Including a Beat up Farm Truck, Access to local Food, Garden Tools,  

What we Need:
Wood Chips
Firewood for Pizza Oven
Broken dishes & tiles for mosaic project
Outdoor tables & chairs
Catering equipment
Garden tools


Spading Forks

Wheel Barrels


Outdoor Kitchen & Green Roof Materials

Waterproof membrane

Sedum plants

Hard wood or cement countertop


Site docents (tour guides)


Prep for house painting