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Where would we be without interns? Interns and volunteers from the local colleges provide a lot of the muscle that keeps us going. We provide a beautiful central location with friendly supervision and the interns make it happen. Each quarter our needs for interns varies so we post the open positions here. Check back quarterly for new openings. 
Spring 2017

Gardening Assistants

Job Description:
Students will receive a well rounded experience doing spring gardening. Our Teaching Garden has been hosting educational activities since 1999. We have the opportunity to re-create the garden fresh because for the first time ever we are now a collective community garden. Other neighbors are joining with us to share the wealth of produce we grow. 

Students will participate in garden planning and layout. Students will work with Fertile Ground’s garden managers to create a plan that will assure a bounty of educational opportunities in harvesting and eating food.

Student should have an interest in gardening and a willingness to learn about the planning process. Students should be willing to work in drizzle, but not rain. Must be able to lift heavy things and do physical work.

Educational Component:
Sustainable Urban Agriculture topics from composting neighborhood food waste to incorporating chickens into the landscape. As students gain an understanding of the site's sun, slope and soil it will guide choices for plant placement.

Food Nook (Local Grocery Store) Assistant Manager

Job Description: The Commons@Fertile Ground operates a small local grocery store that carries *only* locally produced foods. It is open from April through October. During the summer months, garden produce is also included in the offerings. Students would order food from vendors, stock it, sell it and manage funds. We have been providing these fun work experiences at the Food Nook for students since 2013. Attracting several interns/volunteers helps to grow the business and create community during 2017. Spring or summer interns are welcome.

Qualifications: Students with a background in retail or food service would be ideal. A food handler's permit is required (we will help you get it) although no actual food handling takes place - all food is the "grab & go" type. Students must be comfortable handling money exchanges, opening and closing a cash drawer, making deposits and paying vendors. A good customer relationship attitude is a must. 

Educational Component: Interns will learn first hand about the farm-to-table movement as we make new incremental steps together to help secure our food systems. Educating the eating public about the products that are available locally and supporting those vendors help to strengthen and shape our food futures. Volunteers will self-organize, create their own schedules, solve problems, do their own marketing and create sales goals for the summer. Students will coordinate with gardeners to find the best way to sell garden fresh foods without waste. You'll also have time to read your books in between customers. 

Application for Internship / Volunteering