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We are humbly proud of all we've accomplished in the past year to Secure and Create the Commons!

Upcoming Projects:
  • Upgrade to the Fertile Ground Pizza Oven Plaza
  • Summer 2015 Seed to Table Youth Camp - June and July
  • Olympia Village Building Convergence - repaint the intersection mandala, collaborate with Downtown Neighborhood Association on a project (TBD)
Recent Past Projects
  • Ark of Taste Garden by Olympia Slow Foods - Growing and saving seeds in danger of extinction
  • Komachin Middle School - Green building and sustainability field course for 562 middle school children, including class lecture, permaculture scavenger hut and design contest.
  • EcoHouse Weatherization & Airsealing Project - Airsealing training workshop in May 2012 reduced air leakage by 40%; Blow-in cellulose insulation in attic and walls
  • Conversation Cafe & Village Skills Series - 10-week series in 2012 exploring the Commons ideals and practices, resulted new friends and collaborative projects
  • Built 6 Picnic Tables from juniper tree felled on site and milled locally
  • Ecohouse BunkRoom - Fertile Ground Guesthouse (the Business) has converted the NW bedroom @ 911 Adams into affordable, sustainable lodging for green travelers
  • Water Flow Forms - water feature in the Garden still awaiting completion
  • Flagstone Pathway / Cobblestone Patio, Date TBA, to complete landscaping in front of house and provide easy path to the "Commons Concession" stand and flagstone patio installed last Spring.  Designed by Stone People LLC with materials donation requested from Black Lake Landscape Supplies / Concrete Recyclers. 
  • Finished the Community Welcoming Gate - Karen Nelson and Derek Rose completed a new Gateway Arch and Arbor.
  • Earthen Plaster Finish in EcoHouse Main Room, sweat equity project by Breathe Easy House Painter, Ion EcoBuilding and Local Artisan Christopher Gerber.
  • Rain Garden Installations on May 26th 2011 and April 21  - two new rain gardens connect to the first, increasing our capacity for stormwater infiltration.
  • EcoHouse Gutter Replacement connecting to Rain Garden
  • EcoHouse Roof Replacement Project, sweat equity project donated by JR Roofing and Volunteers
  • EcoHouse Basement Crack sealing and french drain, sweat equity project by volunteers
  • EcoHouse Electrical Upgrade, sweat equity project donated by U.S. Electric
  • Painting Fertile Ground Community Center, sweat equity project partially donated by Breathe Easy House Painters, and volunteers.  See Video.
  • Community Welcoming Gate
  • Edible Forest Garden
  • Chicken Tractor Lounge
  • Side and Front Porch Remodel
  • Exterior and Interior Painting
  • Flagstone Patio, Rock Wall and Rain Garden by Stone People LLC and Volunteers.  See Video 1.  See Video 2.

And these are just the projects from 2011 - 2012!  Fertile Ground has been improving and creating this place since 1999.  See the Fertile Ground Video to be even more amazed!