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About Us

Our mission is to cultivate urban sustainability on a neighborhood scale. We provide opportunities for education, participation and connection in a beautiful natural environment. By showcasing locally available expertise and materials, we strengthen, inspire and inform our community. Read about our History.

We Value...

1. Safety

2. Integrity

3. Respect for Nature

4. Collaborative Process

5. Organization & Tidiness

6. Conservation of Resources
7. Non Violent Communication (NVC)

Commons @ Fertile Ground is a working model of community-building and localism.

  • a welcoming urban oasis

  • large garden and chickens

  • food and produce stand

  • classes and workshops

  • shared office space

  • green lodging

  • event space

  • fiscal sponsorships for fledgling nonprofits (TEDx, Love Our Local Fest...)

Our downtown neighborhood’s thriving mixed-use zoning allows micro-enterprise to bloom alongside residences, providing easy access to services - like food! The Commons @ Fertile Ground cultivates an inviting natural environment where people can experience first-hand how permaculture principles apply to food production, waste management, water resources, energy conservation and local economics. Check out our past projects to see how far we've come.

“The Commons” refers to the creations of both nature and society which belong equally to everyone and must be preserved for future generations. We offer our community a taste of The Commons and an opportunity to experience this shared responsibility and pleasure. Maintaining The Commons requires innovation in order to manage shared resources cooperatively. As such, our open space is available to everyone. We encourage people to come and relax, play music, eat lunch, read their library books, feed the chickens, sample the berries and be themselves.

The Guesthouse @ Fertile Ground at 311 9th Ave SE, has three guest rooms, each with queen-sized beds. We’re famous for our organic breakfasts, organic bedding and use of non-toxic products. We take special care to provide a safe and comfortable environment for people with multiple sensitivities and food allergies. The Guesthouse has been in operation since 2000.

The EcoHouse @ Fertile Ground at 911 Adams St. demonstrates green remodeling. Affordable meeting space and office space combine to keep the place hopping. During the day, you’ll find people using the open boardroom space as well as the quieter individual offices. On evenings and weekends, this space is available for gatherings of all types, featuring basic kitchen facilities and comfortably hosting 20-40 people.