Welcome to The Commons @ Fertile Ground. We're operating on 3 lots, preserving green, open space in a busy corner of downtown Olympia, Washington. 

Rental Request for Event/Meeting Space

The Commons @ Fertile Ground is a Washington State non-profit focused on demonstrating urban sustainability and resilience on a neighborhood scale in Downtown Olympia, Washington. In the midst of commerce and state workers, we maintain a large garden, chickens, compost bins, a Community Supported Agriculture drop-off shed and many other not-so-visible activities that support our mission. We are providing Olympia with open, green space. Our hope is to put the land into a trust so that it will always be accessible to our community.

We need your help. We don't just need money to make this happen. We also need allies, ideas, research, networking, artists, children and just plain volunteer energy. We need people who understand the sharing economy and want to add their gifts. Thank you for your Support! Your donations will help us continue our mission to demonstrate urban sustainability and foster neighborhood resilience.  To do that, our current priorities are to become a self-sustaining community enterprise, and involve our community through a variety of upcoming events and initiatives on food, shelter and sharing.

In addition to monetary support, we also encourage welcome donations of time, knowledge and materials to help with planned and ongoing projects.   Your "in-kind" donations are just as important to our ongoing success as money.

If you would like to mail us a check, our address is 

Commons @ Fertile Ground
311 9th Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98501

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